Dear DroplitHome family and followers,

When we founded Droplit Home our goal was to create the best, most integrated and easy to use smart home platform. We also wanted to give developers a set of tools with an open platform to allow for integration of new smart devices. To date, we’ve built a powerful cloud, hub software, and apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices, as well as Apple Watch and Android Wear and Cortana voice command. We launched a closed beta and it was a success because we learned a lot of very important lessons. 

Through this journey we were approached by makers, developers, and companies both large and small who are interested in using the services we built for their own projects. As such, we’ve made an important decision to take a detour from launching an amazing smart home platform to creating tools for developers that will enable amazing connected experiences.

In just two months, we will launch Droplit.io; a developer platform to control smart devices. As a developer, you’ll be able to control any kind of smart device, from anywhere, securely and at any scale. If you're developing in the Internet of Things, this means you'll save tremendous time. We’re also launching a new kind of automated control that can power complex device interactions at an incredible scale.

We still intend to launch a form of Droplit Home in the future, so we will be keeping all Droplit Home pages active on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll post any updates about our return from this detour and we will be posting any IoT related articles we believe our followers will enjoy. 

We welcome any and all of our followers, friends, developers and beta enthusiasts to sign up for launch notification below, follow us on our new Twitter, like us on Facebook and visit us at Droplit.io to see what we have in store for you and the rest of the connected world. 


The Droplit Team